Wednesday, 18 January 2017

How to Make Your Perfume Last Longer

We all like to smell good and none of us want to smell bad because of sweat or other problems even in our worst nightmares. There are various reasons why we smell bad and there are various remedies as well but one should also know how to smell good for a longer time or how to make their sedimentary longer. There are various ways through which you can make your perfume last longer and they are no bug deal and are very simple. Check below the list of ways through which you can make your perfume last longer:

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1. First and most important is storing of the perfume. Store your perfume bottles in cool and dry places and never leave them in bathroom or damp and warm places. They breakdown the fragrance of the perfume.

2. Spraying perfume over Vaseline petroleum jelly will help it stay longer than spraying it on dry skin. Vaseline holds on the fragrance for a long time and you get to smell good for long.

3. Avoid touching the areas where you sprayed the perfume as it forces the top notes to disappear faster than intended. So, if you spray it on your wrist trending dab your fingers.

4. Target warm areas like ankles and calves which will hold on to the fragrance. They also allow the scent to rise.

5. Apply perfume right after shower. It helps in holding on to the fragrance for longer time.

These ways are not only effective bit work for both the genders. Both women and men can follow the above ways. People staying in Oman need not have to worry as they can buy online men perfumes in Oman or they can simply visit to get branded and ling lasting perfumes for men. Now smelling good and longer is so simple.

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